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Amazon Listing Optimization: How To Increase Amazon Ranking?

Amazon Listing Optimization: Thorough Guide To Increase Amazon Ranking

Amazon Listing Optimization is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a product listing on Amazon. This is done by making various changes and optimizations to the product title, images, description, pricing, and other elements of the listing, to make it more appealing to both shoppers and Amazon’s search algorithms.

An Amazon product listing page (the product page) provides consumers with everything they desire to know about a product. It includes descriptions of the products, images, videos, and feedback from customers who have previously bought the things. You must optimize your listings to drive more traffic and generate more sales. This is one of the essential strategies to keep your product at the top. You must adhere to this rule to be successful and ensure that every aspect is considered, including the product title, description, reviews (which should be in considerable quantities), advertising strategy, and visibility through keywords and other techniques.

On Amazon, more than 353 million things are sold. As a result, even with a top-notch product to sell, you won’t be able to make sales if clients can’t identify your item among a sea of rivals.
Ever wondered why certain products continually appear in Amazon searches while others receive far too little attention? Or why do some product listings on Amazon continue to receive clicks while others don’t? Here comes the Amazon SEO in the game.

How is Amazon SEO Crucial in Boosting Your Sales?

Introduction To Amazon A9 Algorithm 

It’s important to start from the basics. Hence first, familiarize yourself with the A9 or Amazon product search algorithm. When people search for products, an algorithm developed by Amazon determines how to rank the results on Search Engine Result Pages. Google’s algorithm is very different from Amazon A9 algorithm. The A9 algorithm considers keywords when determining which listing is the most pertinent to the searches made by potential customers.

Growth is exponential when a better understanding of the A9 algorithm and tried-and-true methods are used. Amazon focuses on sales and profitability because it is an e-commerce platform. Therefore, products with excellent conversion rates and solid sales histories are more likely to rank well on Amazon. Still, even if you are a beginner, you may rank well with Amazon SEO even if you are new to this e-commerce marketplace.

All The Way Through Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Amazon dominates the US e-commerce market with a total share of 49.1%. Though it gives you a lucrative opportunity in the vast market, getting a higher rank for your listings is tricky.

Amazon product listing page or the product page is a page that contains all the details regarding the product it includes: 

  • Products descriptions
  • Photographs
  • Videos of goods
  • Customer feedbacks 

These listings help customers to gain insights about the product and influence their purchase decision.
Optimizing your listings for Amazon SEO helps ensure that customers can find or search for your products with ease by enhancing your visibility. It is one of the primary strategies for keeping your items at the top and improving your presence on Amazon’s search engine results page.

How To Ensure Compelling Amazon Product Listing Optimization?

The process of Amazon listing optimization can be boosted or broken by specific parameters. They are: 

  • Listing’s quality.
  • Keywords it features.
  • The number of photos used.
  • The number of characters in the product title.
  • How does it show bullet points?
  • How does it describe the item?
  • And the number of reviews and ratings it had.

Let’s discuss each factor in-depth to see what made it so compelling.

Optimizing Your Product Listings To Surge Conversion Rate

You can boost your sales by appearing more on Amazon’s Search Result Page. But how do we achieve a high Amazon ranking? Through successful Amazon listing optimization.

Two points are emphasized here when we discuss optimization:

Amazon Product image optimization
  • Optimized with relevant keywords to increase amazon ranking for search terms used by purchasers.
  • Optimized with the optimal mix of photos, titles, and descriptions to yield higher Amazon conversion rate.

One crucial task to do at the earliest for appealing Amazon product listing optimization is keyword research.It would be best to look up potential keywords based on your selling item. Enter the Amazon product category or the item you are selling there.

Conduct a keyword search. You will receive a thorough list of keywords related to your product and its statistics. Amazon Backend Keyword, is the best place to put as many keywords as possible.The following list of factors can help you optimize your product listing. Watch your rating soar if you pay close attention to them.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization Essentials

Criteria for Amazon Product Images

To increase Amazon’s ranking, ensure your product photographs are crisp and of excellent quality. But how many should you add? You need a plan for your product images and the sweet spot, which is 6 images. Ensure the core images are set on a pure white background. You can also utilize lifestyle pictures to help customers understand the product’s benefits. As shown in the listing below: 

The image below shows 6 images and an explanatory video to help customers understand the watch’s functionality.

Product Title

The length of your product’s title and how well it sells are related. Since the first five words make up roughly 80% of search engine result page titles, Amazon SEO will consider them more relevant if you put them in the starting when generating URLs (SERPs).

How can you be sure your product title is appropriate?

  • Ensure that the character limit is between 100 and 150.
  • Include suitable keywords in the title, but separate them using dashes (-) or pipe symbols (|). 
  • Be sure to provide the color, product code, series, and quantity (if required).
  • Your product title should reflect the customer you are trying to attract.
  • The character restriction for an Amazon product title is 200, so don’t spend your valuable space by including unnecessary terms.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word of the title.
  • Don’t spell out numbers; instead, use numerical values.
  • Clearly define measures like pounds, inches, feet, etc.

See the example below to see how they have added their brand name, followed by product series and unique features. And in the same way, using relevant keywords.

Product Description

An effective product description is vital to increasing Amazon’s ranking. If done correctly, it can raise your search engine ranking for your goods or services. But what does it take to make one? Well, creativity and optimization are ultimately what matters. It can enhance both ranking and conversion by combining the two.

The description directly impacts the customers. Tell them why you are charging so much for the product. To persuade them to choose you over your competition, try to show them how your product can improve their daily life.


  • Keep it crisp, straightforward, and concise.
  • Address the essential attributes.
  • Provide factual and descriptive information.
  • It should capitalize each sentence’s first letter.
  • Every time you start a new paragraph, take a page break.
  • Proofread everything.
  • Write brand name, product id, and series.
  • Specify the color, size, and compatibility.

Product Features

One of the critical components of a product listing is its description, and rather than employing lengthy passages, Amazon bullet points are typically used to summarize the product features. This is because it clarifies information and makes it much easier to understand than a paragraph of text. Five bullet points are the sweet spot.

Each key element that sets you apart from your rivals must be mentioned in the bullet points. Make sure it’s captivating and persuasive enough to persuade a customer to buy.

For an enhanced list of a product’s features, adhere to the suggestions below:

  • List your product’s two most crucial characteristics first, then move on to the less important points.
  • Use no more than 5 bullet points. If it’s essential, go up to 6.
  • Add CTAs.
  • Don’t forget to mention features that set your product apart from your rivals.

The listing instance given above is a perfect example of an optimized description. It contains all the unique selling propositions of the vacuum cleaner, measurements, and voltage.

Step-By-Step Guide To List A New Product On Amazon

Step 1: Go to the dashboard after signing into your seller central account.

Step 2: Select “Inventory” from the main menu.

Step 3: From the sub-menu list, select “Add a Product.”

Step 4: You will be redirected to a detailed page, and you can add your products here. You can add a new item that isn’t already on Amazon or search the Amazon catalog for existing products.

Step 5: After that, select the product category and sub-category.

Step 6: Now, fill in the listing’s details (Vital Info and Variations).

Step 7: Select your fulfillment channel details.

Step 8: You must enter the product title, description, photos, and other information. This will either make or ruin your listing.

Step 9: Add your keywords and surge your sales.

What tools are available for Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO Tools

Amazon provides various tools to assist sellers in establishing and expanding their businesses on the website. A quick list of SEO tools is below:

  • A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content allows you to convey a product story creatively, including enhanced photos and text placements. A+ Content may lead to about 10% higher conversion rates, traffic, and revenues when utilized correctly.
  • A tool on Seller Central called the “Listing Quality Dashboard” highlights crucial product details for customers, identifies product listings that require work, and makes suggestions for what product features you should include.
  • You can test different combinations of your product photos, names, and A+ Material using the “Manage Your Experiments” feature to see which Content works the best.
  • Apps and services from third parties that Amazon authorizes through the Seller Central Partner Network to assist with performance tracking, customer metrics, reporting tools, and more.
  • Tools and instructional materials are available through Seller University to help you develop as an Amazon selling partner.
  • To improve your selling success, use Amazon Selling Coach.

Bottom Line

HR Tech LLC, a reputable provider of Amazon Seller Central services, has a talented group of experts to aid you at every step. Get your listings optimized with us and grab the lucrative opportunity of boosting your business.

You must optimize your Amazon listings if you are an Amazon seller. Customers won’t find your listings if you don’t optimize your products. Instead, they will view the goods offered by your rivals, buy them, and carry on with their day. So give them a try and observe the impact on your Amazon product rank. Our experts have all tried and validated the product listing optimization advice included in this guide. After reading everything here, you should have a thorough understanding of how Amazon SEO operates, which puts you ahead of the learning curve and, hopefully, the competition.

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