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With the total number of users crossing 19 million and a daily footfall of nearly as high as 2 million people, eBay stands tall and powerful with statistics to show off proudly. No other online marketing portal has such a wide range of users and visitors. Having rendered listing services to them, HR Tech has experience in all sorts of fields right from sports equipment to home accessories. Providing for experienced specialists for the purpose of eBay listing that assists users when required, we cater to the functionality involved in various eBay related conceptualities.

We make sure that our services are timely processed and involve a slew of listing services of the likes of image Editing, eBay Product Upload and listing along with detailed inventory management that caters to research pricing along with providing enhanced selling margins for users involved. With reliant description writing services also among our specialized services, we also make sure that there is enhanced viewer experience of your product.

Ebay Store Management Services

EBay Product Research

eBay Product Research

EBay Description Writing

eBay Description Writing

EBay Price Research

eBay Price Research

Ebay Category Management

Category Management

EBay Competitor Research

eBay Competitor Research

EBay Product Listing

eBay Product Listing

EBay Inventory Management

eBay Inventory Management

EBay Product Upload

eBay Product Upload

EBay Order Processing

eBay Order Processing

Ebay Image Editing

Image Editing

Benefits of hiring HR TECH

Provide Best Selling margins available to users and ensure best profits for given listing.

Extremely quick and timely processing.

Help enhance viewer experience of online shoppers that guarantees sales increase.

Categories and sub-category classification is extensive and offers easy selection for the customers.

The product related content search is rich and search engine is user friendly.

Use of advanced software like Vendio, Turbo Lister, Auctivaetc.

Advanced services that showcase product’s availability and quantity along with descrption.

24/7 Customer support services.

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