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How to Avail Amazon A+ Content to Boost Conversions & Minimize Returns?

What is Amazon A+ Content & How does it Help to Uplift Your Amazon Sales?

You might have heard about Amazon A+ Content and wondered why there’s so much fuss about it? According to Amazon, ordinarily, the A+ Content escalates its overall product sales by 3 – 10%. This makes us believe that the excitement surrounding the A+ Content is worth knowing and implementing.

Amazon A+ Content is notably one of the most efficient ways of building customer trust and enhancing conversion rates. It backs you in acquiring a higher rank on Amazon Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Simply put, Amazon A+ Content is your made Content, ready to attract your target customers.

Amazon A+ Content is the tool that allows brand owners to elaborate their product features in an advanced way. They can add the following attributes to their description and improvise their customer’s shopping experience.

  • Charts
  • Video content
  • Enhanced images
  • Custom copy (e.g. brand stories)
  • Robust FAQs

If you’ve ever experienced Amazon, whether as a seller or as a vendor, you might know A+ Content as:

  • Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (Amazon EBC).
  • Amazon Enhanced Marketing Content. 

Who Can Use Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is accessible to only those brand owners and professional sellers approved by Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) program. A+ Content is an invite-only Vendor Central Program.

After being approved to use Amazon A+ Content, you can opt for either of these two options:

  1. Primary A+ Content: Amazon permits you to use five standard modules (free and accessible to all sellers).
  2. Premium A+ Content: Amazon introduces you to seven modules with other extraordinary features (only brand owners and professional sellers can avail of these features).

How Much Does Amazon A+ Content Cost?

Amazon EBC is chargeless for sellers and vendors as of now. However, vendors can choose a premium version that involves interactive content features. But as mentioned above, it is only available at a vendor manager’s invitation and supposedly comes at a steep cost.
While Amazon A+ Content is free of cost, producing the visuals and copy is time-consuming.  

Benefits of Amazon EBC

Benifits of Amazon EBC

Interactive multimedia has an immense effect on product performance. Attaching more visuals and copy to your Amazon product listing can result in:

  • Higher sell-through rates by creating a more sturdy and relevant product page.
  • It improves click-through rates and your product search rank.
  • Higher conversion rates – It is pointless if the potential customers click on your product listing but end up not buying the product.
  • Reduced return rates – A better understanding of the concept of your product and its benefits ensures that consumers can make a better purchase decision. Also, they don’t feel the need to return your item afterwards.
  • Better reviews – Following the above-discussed reasoning, deeper information, and better purchase decisions lead to happier customers. As a result, their satisfaction level prompts them to provide exceptional reviews.
  • Reduced ACoS and increased ROI of PPC campaigns – The ability to get people to click on your PPC campaign is one thing, and persuading them to make a purchase is another. Compelling and fascinating A+ Content benefits the latter. Ultimately reducing the costs of each advertised sale (ACoS) to increase your overall return on investment (ROI). 

How to Use A+ Content for Maximum Gains?

Let’s look forward to a few ways to make effective use of Amazon A+ Content:

1. Display the unique selling proposition (USP) of your product.
In content marketing, it is crucial to highlight the product’s benefits to the customer and what problem/need/want your product focuses on and solves. The additional graphics, images and text in your EBC are the perfect medium for showcasing your product’s uniqueness and effectiveness.

2. Impart relevant product details that help purchase-driven decisions.
Principally, coming to more significant purchases, customers want as much information as possible about the product.After all, they will be spending a considerable amount on it.
Providing the most relevant and appropriate details:

3. Remove complexity & make your Content easy to understand.This is especially important for goods with numerous features and functions and can address several demands simultaneously. Customers can better understand the use and applicability of such products with the videos and graphics.

  • Accelerates the purchasing process as people realize that your product is precisely what they’ve been looking for, and their search has ended.
  • Manages expectations as they know exactly what they are getting with their purchase and are thus satisfied to the core.

 This is especially important for goods with numerous features and functions and can address several demands simultaneously. Customers can better understand the use and applicability of such products with the videos and graphics.

4. Respond to FAQs.
Checking out the question, review, and comment area in your product listing is an excellent method to generate EBC on Amazon. It gives your target audience the impression that you are taking care of their concerns before they may even express them. A+ Content is an approach to generously communicating with your consumers and ensuring them an answer to all their unsolved problems.

5.Make your product stand out from the competitors.
Amazon is a cut-throat business. Finding items with a respectable profit margin and a market not invaded by competitors looking to take a piece of the action is becoming more and more challenging. Appealing to content marketing is one approach to stand out, and for this, Amazon A+ Content is your only choice. Additionally, adding Amazon EBC can lower the advertisements displayed on your product listings, preventing shoppers from being diverted by the competition.

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

Amazon A+ Guidelines

As a precautionary measure, there are a few essential points to keep in mind when it comes to Amazon A+ Content:

  1. EBC won’t amend your ranking. You will have to optimize your listings to improve the page ranking on Amazon Seller Central.
  2. After your page is live, you have only two business days to make edits.Consequently, you must ensure you’re satisfied with the Content you’re submitting before hitting “Finish”.
  3. Under no circumstances can you mention your competitors or the products they sell within your Content.Mentioning competitors or their products can end up rejecting your A+ Content by Seller Central.
  4. Your text and images must be distinct to your A+ listing; you can’t copy-paste from somebody’s listing.
  5. Before you begin, consider which of your products are worth spending on. You might want to promote your best-selling products further or give an advantage to your high-quality but underperforming products. Each vendor has a restriction of five product listings only; hence be wise while choosing.

To Conclude…

Amazon A+ content assimilates the majority of critical elements such as – product descriptions, charts, HD images, and others. This will help customers with their purchasing decisions.

Subsequently, if you want your product to be highlighted and outstanding, Amazon EBC is your solution. Amazon Listing Creation Service provides everything you need to optimize your Amazon store.

Even for seasoned e-commerce retailers, competing in the marketplace can be challenging with over 2 million Amazon sellers. Hence, we urge all sellers to use Amazon EBC for their product descriptions to gain visibility and increase conversions. You can contact HR Tech to avail of Amazon A+ Content Services and engage your customers on Amazon Seller Central.

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