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How To Boost Conversion Rate? Switch From Website To Mobile App! (Part 2)

Here is the step-by-step guide for getting your app built.

Have you set your mind to switching your website into a fully functional mobile app? In a world where mobile has become an essential part of literally every individual, a mobile-friendly app can be the winning game for you.

  • Analyze if you need an app- Firstly, thoroughly study your business functioning, then determine whether you really need an app. Or are you okay with your current website? Not every website requires to be turned into an app. If your site already responds well on mobile, then, in this case, you might not need an app. And that would be an additional unnecessary expense. Ask yourself these questions to find out if you need it or not-
  1. Does my website respond well on mobile?
  2. Can it be better for an enhanced user experience?
  3. Does my website rank well? 
  4. Do my competitors also have an app?
  5. Is there a satisfactory number of customers visiting my website?
  6. Does my website perform everything that an app can?
  • What are the features you require in the app?- Before you just hire some random developer you must prepare the list of features you want in your app. Think of all the possible functions and write down all the expectations you have from your app. It will help you analyze the cost, and you can abide by your budget. Rather than being a flashy overload app, try to keep only those features that can trigger the customers. Unplanned development can lead to chaos.
  • Hire the developer- You can either hire an in-house team or cooperate with a freelancer. In-house development tends to be expensive as you’ll have to pay for their stay. But, you can overlook the progress and keep in check everything. On the other hand, hiring a freelancer is a cheaper option. To hire a good freelancer, you must do some research and put in more effort for proper communication. But, to build a top-notch app, firstly check the experience and number of projects completed by the developer you are looking to hire. Experienced developers, though they charge more, can better understand what you need and build a captivating app. 
  • Evaluate the development cost- An app’s cost depends upon several factors based on complexity. A simple app can cost you between $40,000 to $60,000. At the same time, the complex apps require a budget of more than $300,000. Whereas, the average cost of development is between $60,000 to $150,000.
Convert your website into mobile app

The more features you demand in your app, the more money the development will cost. Moreover, the development cost is also influenced by the time it takes to build the app, hired party and others.

  • User-friendly design- A friendly app focuses on the overall experience of your app users. Make sure it is responsive to the customers’ pain points. It is essential to create an app with attractive and easy-to-use features; provide a few tap solutions to customers.
Switch your website to user friendly mobile app
  • Test the app- Before submitting the app to the app store, try to test it so that in case there are any bugs, flaws or glitches, you can find them out before your customer does it. Testing, in turn, will result in a few complaints regarding the application’s functionality. It will aid you in retaining users who may have deleted your app due to these issues. Even if you could not repair all of the bugs beforehand, at least you’ll be aware of existing concerns. You can prepare your service team for related inquiries.
  • Submit your app to the app store- The final step is to publish your app to the App Store after it is complete. After authorization, your app will be available to download from the appropriate app store. The Androidand the Apple App Store require roughly the same time to assess your proposal, taking about three days in total.

Now, let’s discuss the essential things you must take into account while building your business’s app.

There are several tools available to aid with the conversion of websites to apps (iOS or Android). Such services, yet, do not guarantee a productive customer experience. Hence it is preferable to build a native app from the start rather than use a third-party solution to convert your website.

Keeping that in mind, it’s vital to remember that app development demands planning and time. If you haven’t designed one before, you might not know what it takes to construct an app from the ground up. Before you start designing your app, consider the following factors:

Development Cost- 

App development costs differ from website development costs because they cannot be created with a low-cost building tool. You will certainly need a developer or a team in your ring.

The outlay of developing a native app might be pretty high. Nonetheless, investing money at the outset of the process and getting a decent result is preferable. If you’re spending dollars on an app, you will want to know the entire cost before committing to app development.

Dimensions of the Display-

The mobile market is overflowing with one-of-a-kind products, including various mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, while designing a UI/UX, you must consider different screen sizes and make sure that all images, charts, and buttons appear excellent on different devices.

App Development Essentials

Presence in the Search-

People will typically look at your website first rather than your mobile app. You can also inform users about your mobile app via a popup on your website. This will entice users to download your app, especially if your website isn’t mobile-friendly.


Web behavior is shifting, so you’ll need to adjust your content to fit how people look for information if you want to establish a successful brand. In this situation, creating a user-friendly and resourceful mobile app for consumers looking for your business on their phone or tablet is a winning game.

You can turn your website into an exciting mobile app and provide a better on-the-go experience for your customers by following the steps indicated above. Or the best HR Tech website and  hire the experts of app development.

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