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Flutter- Everything is a Widget

Reasons to Build Your App with Flutter

Sounds like flapping, right? But what is it actually?

Flutter is a Software Development Kit providing one with widgets for literally each and everything. The credibility of the Flutter framework created by Google in May 2017 is reaching heights every day with its high-quality cross-platform app development tools for iOS as well as Android that are not only cost-efficient but also provide a fantastic user experience on multi-platform. Flutter app uses Dart language for programming.

The list of companies it has served is increasing astoundingly, including many prominent and satisfied ones like Alibaba Group, Beike, Google Pay, Dream 11, eBay, Hamilton, iRobot, and it goes on like this.

Flutter framework

Like several others, HR Tech has also been part of the Flutter world for a long time and has developed numerous user satisfactory projects using it. But why should one choose the Flutter framework instead of any other SDK or even programming languages like Java/ kotlin? Here is the reason-

Cost-efficient- Though it is a cross-platform app, it is also available as open-source and free of cost. One platform for many platforms, the visually appealing apps developed with it could be operated on mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices too and requires less human resource to be deployed for each piece of work, as those astounding widgets make it easy for everyone.

Remarkably excellent user experience- Although apps developed through it need more storage space as compared to those which are built via other SDKs such as React Native, then too, satisfaction level of app users is higher as it works so smooth and fast.

Multi-platform availability- This scintillating app developer does not work only on Android but is also available for iOS, Mac, desktop, Linux, Windows, and embedded devices, making it easy and beneficial.

Advantages of flutter

Widgets for everything- Just as its tagline suggests, it has widgets that work as building blocks for one’s app to make code writing faster. All you need to do is use them appropriately and accordingly to the product you wish to develop to drive out the best results from it.

Community that looks forward to always helping you- On this app, you get excellent backup from members of the Flutter robust community that is open to everyone. Community is a diverse network that helps you join developers around the world. All the obstacles are well handled and answered by them online. 

Events- Various virtual events are held for customer engagement and retention. These events are mainly based on updates for new versions, workshops, and entertainment by giving different typical challenges to the members of the community. Moreover, it holds “Giveaways events” along with “Meetings with experts” events which work best for their engagement.

Easy tutorials- For ease of learners and developers, it provides Learning journeys, codelabs, samples, and cookbooks Hence, resolving their issues of learning and understanding. It is much easier to learn as compared to Java, JS, or React Native and provides an attractive and simple User Interface.


Flutter is best for app building as it provides multi-platform services which are open-source; plus, it has easy widgets developed for standardized framing of apps with higher performance and fast development.

All in all, the Flutter framework by Google is making app development effortless for newbies and leisure for professionals. The success of Flutter could be described through its worthwhile and pocket friendly cost, omnipresence on multiple devices, cool widgets whose effective use can drive perfectness in the app, and a diverse community including professional experts who are always eager to help you out of hurdles and events to challenge you and, moreover, keeping you engaged with them. It is a one-stop solution for all web apps.

Let's do great work together.

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