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E-commerce Email Marketing Strategies: Best Techniques 2019

Email marketing is yet the most immediate and powerful method for associating with your leads, sustaining them, and transforming them into clients. As an adroit marketer, you have most likely observed the reports that show email has the most noteworthy ROI of any promoting channel accessible and you are presumably quick to begin utilizing it to drive deals and income for your business.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an exceedingly compelling digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and clients. Successful advertising emails convert prospects into clients and transform one-time purchasers into faithful, loyal clients. Viable email marketing efforts should be cunningly composed to attract user’s attention in their already pre-filled inboxes.

Does Email Marketing work for E-commerce Businesses?

If you are launching a new product and want people to know about it, email marketing is the most cost-effective technique. According to a leading source, for every spent of $1, there is an approximate return on investment of $ 36 in email marketing. If you want to communicate anything about your brand or if you want to sell your product then email marketing is the best e-commerce marketing strategy. Whenever a buyer wants to buy anything, they always look for the discounts and coupons email from their favorite e-commerce seller. There are a few points, which you should know about how email marketing can help your e-commerce business grow:

  1. With email marketing, you have access to a high number of users.
  2. Email is the best way to deliver your message, as it is a personalized way to connect with your user.
  3. An email has a high rate of conversion. It helps you in getting potential leads to your website.
  4. As discussed earlier, Email Marketing has a higher ROI as compared to other marketing techniques.
  5. In the professional world, Email is the preferred channel for all communications.
  6. Email marketing will never go out of fashion, as people will never stop using emails as communicating channel.

How can I grow my email list?

To start email marketing it is very important to have emails from your target audience. Remember to create a list of genuine and interested users and not those who can put your email in spam. You can acquire email addresses of your clients and build your own email list for e-commerce email marketing by too many ways:

1. You can create a sign-up form on your website. By this, you can acquire a genuine and interested buyers list. As these people have seen your website and like it. Make a structure for signup and introduce a pop up for first time users.

2. Organize webinars and create a signup sheet for that so that you can acquire email addresses for your email list.

3. Social media is the best medium for building your email list. You can share informative or promotional posts on social media and create a sign-up button. You can also organize polling sessions on social media. This is the best way to create user engagement for your e-commerce store.

4. You can launch various discount and offers and create a pop up for that. You can create a signup for giving a discount to people who readily agree to sign up for your email list.

5. There are various sources available from where you can buy a pre-built email list. However, buying an email list may not be an effective way, as you do not know whether they are your target audience or not.

Best E-commerce Email Marketing Platforms

E-commerce Email Marketing Platforms
  • Constant Contact
  • Smart Mail
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse

Type of E-commerce Email Marketing Campaign

There are various types of campaigns, which you can create by using email marketing. Choosing the right type of campaign is very important. Before choosing the type of campaign, you should always know your goal and target audience. Try launching various types of campaigns and see what works best for you. Here are a few examples of campaigns, which you can create:

  • Newsletter
  • New offers
  • Discounts and coupon codes
  • Important Announcements
  • Invitations to events or webinars

Best Techniques to Create your First E-commerce Email Campaign

E-commerce Email Marketing best practices
  1. To create user engagement your campaign should always be structured for easy reading. User should find it easy to easy and not have to search for the information.
  2. Images and videos create more impact than text campaigns. These campaigns are eye-catching which are difficult to forget and help the content to stand out.
  3. Never send the generic email to everyone. Your user should feel the connection with the email. Always personalize the email before sending it out to your consumers.
  4. Make sure to send the email to the targeted group of people. The email, which you are sending, should concern the recipient. It should be relevant to all your subscribers.
  5. Do not always try to send the promotional content. Your campaign should also focus on building trust and brand awareness.
  6. Always send the campaign at the best time. You should have a thorough market study of email open rate before sending it. This will ensure that maximum readers read your email.

Best places to find E-commerce Email Marketing Agents

Email marketing is an easy process. However, if you find it difficult to build your own e-commerce email marketing strategy or build your email list then you can definitely hire an email-marketing expert for your business. Here are few places from where you can hire best e-commerce email marketing agents:





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