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Understanding Amazon Attribution: A Complete Guide for E-commerce Marketers

Understanding the efficacy of your marketing activities is critical. Determining which channels and touchpoints generate the most revenue with so many available might be difficult. Best PPC consultancy aid you in maximizing your ROI on advertisements with the help of Amazon Attribution. This tool allows you to measure the impact of your ads across Amazon’s ecosystem and optimize your campaigns for maximum success.

In 2021, Amazon was the largest e-commerce company in the country, accounting for 53.2% of all U.S. e-commerce sales, according to a report by eMarketer. It implies that for e-commerce marketers, knowing Amazon’s Attribution is more crucial than ever.

However, what precisely is Amazon Attribution, and how can it support your efforts to increase sales? This comprehensive tutorial will go deeply into the realm of Amazon Attribution, examining what it is, how it functions, and the advantages it might have for your online store.

What is Amazon Attribution? 

A measuring and analytics tool called Amazon Attribution aids advertisers in understanding how non-Amazon marketing channels like search and social media ads affect customer behavior on Amazon. It offers information on which ad campaigns and channels are generating clicks, sales. And other data on Amazon, enabling marketers to monitor the effectiveness of their off-Amazon marketing.

Amazon Attribution can help improve the effectiveness of marketing plans by allowing the comparison of various channels and campaigns, optimizing advertising budgets, and making informed decisions. Advertisers may establish distinctive tracking codes, often known as “tags,” for their off-Amazon advertising using Amazon Attribution and connect them to Amazon product pages or brand shops. They may now track how these ads affect consumer actions, including views of product detail pages, add-to-cart clicks, and Amazon purchases.

Explain the Working of Amazon Attribution

Any vendor who uses ads for Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Products understands how crucial it is to track advertising campaigns to ensure they remain successful regularly. As a seller, you depend on the data provided by Amazon to evaluate keywords, bids, and budgets. However, you might not be getting an accurate representation of your advertising efforts.

Having access to performance data is crucial for running advertisements outside of Amazon. It was nearly hard to track the success of an off-Amazon campaign until Attribution became available. It’s not wise to blindly invest money in Facebook or Google ads without knowing if they are effective.

With Amazon Attribution, you can:


Find out which advertising methods bring in the most significant number of consumers and revenue for your goods on Amazon. Suppose you advertise on and off Amazon in a particular month, so you sell 300 items. You can confidently attribute 150 of these sales to your PPC-sponsored commercials. However, it is unclear where the other 150 customers came from. Amazon attribution links enable advertisers to get information about how users interact with your advertisement and where they came from. 

With a tool like Amazon Attribution, it would be possible to determine the origins and purchasing routes of the other 150 buyers.


Discover which audience-building techniques increase the impact of the advertisement, thus ensuring that you may focus on the most influential external marketing initiatives and stop the unsuccessful ones.

With attribution, you will probably improve your efforts for the upcoming months and significantly reduce your spending by eliminating ineffective channels. And boosting the ones that generate additional sales.

Plan in Advance

Develop a promotional and subsequent marketing strategy for your business by learning the vocabulary and visuals your customers find the most appealing.

Attribution provides all the essential conversion metrics, such as:

  • Click-through rate
  • Impression
  • Views on the detail pages
  • Add to cart clicks
  • Total revenue
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

You may adequately optimize adverts using this data on various other channels, such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and even email marketing.

Who is Eligible to Utilize Amazon Attribution?

Suppose you are a member of the Amazon Brand Registry in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, or Italy. In that case, you can use Amazon Attribution to receive product credit. Please note that this policy may be subject to change for individuals outside of the specified countries at a later point in time.

Earlier this year, Amazon Attribution was only briefly available to UK sellers. However, businesses in both the US and UK can now register for access on their respective websites.

Also, Amazon Attribution is now available for authorized US sellers registered under Amazon Brand Registry through Seller Central. These sellers are invited to apply for the beta program.

How to Use Amazon Attribution?

Learn how to grow your business beyond Amazon with Amazon Attribution. Gain valuable insights into your brand’s impact. Here’s how to begin.

How to use amazon attribution

Understand the Amazon Purchasing Process

If you want to boost your Amazon sales, it’s essential to understand how your non-Amazon advertising campaigns can lead people to your Amazon Shop or product information pages. To increase engagement with your business on Amazon, you can analyze data from transactions, add-to-carts, and detail page visits for insights on attracting more customers. It can help them learn more about your offerings and ultimately purchase on Amazon.

Discover New, Lucrative Channels

Identify the products customers buy after hitting on your paid search advertisements that are not from Amazon. By using this data to create novel advertising plans and find new chances to re-market, cross-sell, or advertise new items, you can increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and make more money.

Try Out Various Creatives, Communications, and Strategies

The marketing materials you want to assess should have attribution tags applied. After that, analyze the data to determine which factors influence your marketing goals most—creatives, messaging, or tactics.

Gather Information About Customers via Social Media

Imagine that when you share content on social media about your Amazon business and its products. You add Amazon attribution tags. In this scenario, you could obtain critical information on how people who are not Amazon customers engage with the company you run on Amazon.

Additionally, Amazon recently unveiled a click-based remedy that offers within-app measurements, enabling businesses to track the success of their social media marketing initiatives depending on the way customers find, investigate, and buy goods on Amazon.

Thanks to the new feature of social media advertising measurement. Amazon Attribution can now provide a comprehensive analysis of the impact of shopping across various advertising channels, including search, social media, email, display, and video.

What Characteristics Does Amazon Attribution Have?

A measuring tool called Amazon Attribution aids marketers and companies in determining how their non-Amazon marketing channels affect Amazon sales. And how their advertisements affect both on- and off-Amazon sales. A few of Amazon Attribution’s characteristics are as follows:

What are the different characteristics of amazon attribution
  • Multi-Channel Measurement: Using Amazon Attribution, you can determine how your non-Amazon marketing channels, such as social media, search, and display, are affecting your business’s sales on Amazon. It clarifies how your channel marketing initiatives affect your Amazon sales.
  • Conversion Tracking: Using Amazon Attribution, you may measure conversions from your non-Amazon marketing channels to Amazon. It aids in your understanding of the number of clicks, visitors, and purchases your adverts produce.
  • Reporting on Attribution: Amazon Attribution offers a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns across various marketing channels. You can better manage your marketing budget by determining which marketing channels generate the most sales and which require improvement.
  • Customizable Measurement: Using Amazon Attribution, you can create bespoke conversion events and link your marketing efforts to certain Amazon items to measure your specifications.
  • Analytical Tools: By utilizing Amazon Attribution, you’ll gain access to analytical tools that provide valuable insights into your customers’ demographics and purchasing behaviors. It will allow you to understand your clients better and optimize your marketing initiatives.


Amazon Attribution is a potent tool for e-commerce marketers who wish to understand their marketing activities’ efficacy better. Amazon Attribution provides valuable information on consumer behavior across various channels like social media and email. Using this data can improve marketing strategies and boost ROI. Although it may take some time to comprehend its nuances fully, the benefits of using Amazon Attribution are clear.

E-commerce marketers can make better judgments and eventually increase sales on the most extensive online marketplace by utilizing the data it offers. To assess the effect of non-Amazon advertising channels on your sales, HR Tech LLC can assist with the best Amazon Advertising services, including Amazon Attribution. As a result, you may maximize your advertising budget and increase Amazon sales. Put your faith in HR Tech LLC to help you thrive on Amazon so you don’t lose out on potential income.

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