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Amazon Seller Scanner – Amazon Seller Scanner: Important Pointers You Need To Know

If you want to build your brand on Amazon better than your competitors check out this bright side, use Amazon seller scanner as your confidential tool. This tool helps you get ahead of Amazon and rock at the competitive landscape of Amazon. Let’s discuss the Amazon seller scanner and its tools to beat your competitors by your brand’s outperformance and Amazon pricing strategies. 

About Amazon Seller App 

Amazon Seller Scanner is a mobile application that is used to find profitable products, manage inventory, and monitor sales performance. This application uses your Android camera to scan the barcode of a product and showcase specific details such as demand for the product, number of sellers offering it, history of the product, and its recent price, this helps the sellers to manage inventory, finalise price and choose products judiciously.

Amazon Seller Scanner App avoids consuming a lot of time and money, helps to figure out the fast-moving products in Amazon at affordable cost, and allows the sellers to make clever decisions for their Amazon business success. The people who sell Amazon products from physical shops and retailers are very happy with these apps. 

How to use Amazon Seller App

The major role of the Amazon seller scanner app is taking picture of the Barcode by using your mobile phone’s camera and finding out about the product which makes things easier

  • Install the Amazon Seller Scanner app on your phone 
  • Take a product that has a barcode and scan, click a picture of it 
  • Now the app will start to analyse the special lines and shapes of the barcode and in real time it will translate the information about and cost of the product. 

Importance of Amazon Seller App

There are some important pointers as to why Amazon sellers should use a scanner App, let’s discuss them herewith, 

It’s time-consuming when you check on Amazon to find products, understand their pros and cons, and compare their prices, also high chances to occur human error if you process manually but when you use the Amazon seller scanner app it will automatically source the products, research about it and provides all the required information which saves your time and effort without any faults. This app allows you to make decisions wisely in terms of choosing the products, how much to quote them, and how much inventory to be on hand. 

You can also identify the most profitable products, sales rank, profit estimates, and number of sellers for the particular products with this Amazon Seller Scanner App. These tools can figure out profitable products with their profit margins. In this competitive edge of Amazon Marketplace, it’s very difficult for us to manage brand building and competitor analysis but this scanner app monitors your competitors’ activities, and prices and makes your product more unique and attractive to the customers.  

Amazon Barcode Scanner Apps 

Amazon Seller App

With this e-commerce application, you can increase monitoring and access your online store anywhere, which grants high flexibility in managing your e-commerce business without any cost. You can get insights about current trends and your sales performance, process customer orders effectively, find highly demanding products with good profits, manage inventory levels, return and your offers efficiently, immediately respond to your consumers,

fix alerts on time for inventory and pricing streamlining, monitor your sponsored products and advertising campaigns, obtain extensive product level inventory details, optimise selling efforts by smooth research and product listing, and touch-up listings with high-quality product photos via the Amazon seller app. 

Note: Free App, Accessible with both Android and iPhone devices 

Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is directly connected with Amazon’s API which has a complete story history of a product like real-time data on a single screen that helps to finalise whether to buy or not to buy a product in a fraction of a second. With this app scan the barcode within minutes, procure details accurately from Amazon, classify Amazon listing, find who has the buy box currently,  determine the benefit of a product exactly based on fifteen factors, get a red alarm for the product that you do not sell, gather updated sales rank details, and know your profit margins easily. 

Note – The monthly price of this app is $9.99, Works perfectly on Android and iPhone. 


Keepa is an essential tool for getting key price and sales data graphs because of its accurate information about the product keepa is recognized among the sellers on Amazon. It is accessible in both browser extensions and Android apps which makes it easy to figure out the product to sell. 

Keepa helps to take detailed price charts to make smart decision, tune updates with price and product availability, view the price chart and Amazon product pages lightly get a keepa browser extension, correlate the price across the globe in Amazon platforms, supports different site which includes .co, .uk,, .it, .es, .in, .com, .mx,, can access the tool without necessary registration, current update and allows to take items from wishlist.

Note – Keepa has a free version for basic features and the latest features subscribe with EUR19 / per month, Accessible in both Android and iPhone 

Seller Amp 

The seller app is exclusively designed for dedicated Amazon sellers which has a three-in-one toolset, which works in web-based applications, chrome extensions, and mobile apps. With the Seller app, download the product’s information instantly, effortlessly calculate the profit of your chosen product, get to know the special product offers, customise your alarms as per your requirements, find storefronts, attain price and sales ranks, and feel the fastest user experience. 

Note – Get access to this app for $19.95/ per month, to get additional features for $27.95, Accessible on all devices such as iPhone/ Android and iOS

Scan Power

If you want to manage your inventory, scanning, and shipping dexterously, scan power is the best choice. It is an inclusive tool for Amazon FBA business management, The features of scan power are costly but again it is worth it. Effortlessly scan the product, understand the demand and price of any Amazon listed product, Access exact sales graph and analyze the performance, gain detailed information of every Amazon listed product and their ranking, affordable price across new, FBA offers, images and titles, Bluetooth scanner support receive/ accept/ reject the alerts as per your criteria, make a profitable choice get the detailed report sales and pricing data and know the best sellers over different timeline such quarter, half-yearly and 365 days with scan power mobile. 

Note – Pricing begins from $79/ per month, and can work on both Android and iPhones 


Amazon seller scanners are the superhero for the Amazon sellers in all aspects, by using these tools Amazon sellers can save a lot of time and effort and sell the products immensely and effortlessly.
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