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Amazon Product Listing Optimization & Guidelines: Complete Guide For Sellers 2023 

Ever wondered while searching for a product on Amazon that some products always appear on the top while some are on the bottom, even if they are presented more efficiently than the product on the top? It is the magic of how Amazon ranks products and leaves the sellers completely confused about how to present their product to get a better reach and exposure and make their products reach their peak and do better than others.

What is an Amazon Product Listing?

An Amazon product listing page is all about what the customers need to learn about the product and their reviews. This includes images, videos, descriptions, and detailed reviews of the given product on an entire page.

It is a process of optimizing the listings efficiently, and it is one of the crucial tactics to keep the product on top; it also works as a key to creating a personalized and memorable experience for Amazon shoppers.

Introduction to Amazon’s A9 listing Algorithm

A9 is the name of the search engine launched by Amazon itself to power up product searches. It has been over two years, and the search engine is running efficiently and growing every day, becoming more complex.

The Amazon A9 product listing algorithm is a powerful tool that quickly analyzes the data on the marketplace and provides the best product choices.

The AI tool focuses on what the customer wants and thus shows the exact products they want.

Factors that Determine the A9 Algorithm

Some of the aspects which define the A9 algorithm are:

1. Text-Match Relevance

Relevancy shapes the content in a product listing; it is like an intrinsic ranking system that factors keywords, bullet points and descriptions to calculate how relevant the items are for efficient product research.

2. Sales Velocity

There is another significant factor which A9 keeps in mind while ranking products. To keep the market competitive, the algorithm compares the seller’s value and dollar transactions with the competitor and thus ranks them otherwise.

The seller with the highest sales velocity wins out and succeeds.

3. Stock Availability

One more factor that determines the A9 algorithm is stock availability, which directly refers to the stock the company has been ordering and what is left. Running out of stock also impacts sales and rankings and takes a toll on the company’s customer relationship; running low on stock negatively impacts the company’s reputation and lowers the sales volume.

4. Pricing

Hence, as explained above, A9 is a tricky algorithm that also keeps an eye on the prices listed by the competitors and the company. It checks whether the company is pricing the product appropriately, lists the eBay-priced products above, and looks at how the product has been listed accordingly.

5. FBA

The FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon and is one of the critical resources of the sellers. The FBA allows merchants from different platforms to use their services and stock their products at the geographically suited Amazon warehouse, and it has two significant benefits:

1. An increase in the merchant’s status.

2. A possibility to win the buy box for the company.

This also increases the sales velocity and leads to the growth of Amazon.

How do You Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings?

By ranking higher in the Amazon sales column, we can increase our sales and add them to the bottom line. But how do we get higher in terms of sales? Plenty of factors affect successful product listings, such as efficient use of given keywords, using the right images and high-resolution images for customer satisfaction, writing an optimized title description and using powerful AI tools to improve the visual appearance of Amazon products.

When talking about optimization, we emphasize over two things here:

  • 1. Optimized with correct potential keywords to help rank items for what buyers search for.
  • 2. Optimization with the proper set of images, product description and title to generate more sales and conversion rates.

Many of the sellers miss the importance of the A9 algorithm. The customers would not buy the product if they don’t find it appealing regardless of a well-optimized listing. Optimization is not just about rankings, it is about delivering a high quality and satisfying product. A thorough research is essential before delving into optimization. 

  • Performing keyword research: We get a detailed list of keywords associated with what we type and the results.
  • The number of product images: Make sure the images are of high resolution and clear quality to look eye-pleasing to the customer and help them buy the best. But how? For this, we need to study Amazon’s strategy for the best product images, and on observation, 62% of the top listings have around 5-8 images attached to the product. A sweet spot is six images per product.
  • Product title: There is an interrelation between the product title and how well it sells; the company surveyed and figured out what product title and words are effective in generating interest for products. To their surprise, the two factors had a correlation and an established relationship. This means that Amazon will consider the first five words when they create a URL, which clearly means they will be more relevant if they have it in the beginning.
  • Product Description: A product description is one of the crucial parts of Amazon’s product listing algorithm. A well-written product description plays a vital role in generating sales and enhancing product quality. It can help sell more and more products if written nicely and precisely. A product description should be crisp, concise, descriptive and informative about the product.
  • Ratings: The ratings of products have an immense impact on the sales and customers; a rating column should be clean, provide clear access to every star rating given by the customers, and include reviews as well.

How to List a New Product?

If you want to list a new product on Amazon’s official site, you must follow two fundamental rules while listing a product. The rules are as follows:

1. Create a new listing on Amazon, ensuring that you are the first seller selling the product in Amazon’s marketplace.

2. If one is selling a product that multiple merchants are already selling, they share a typical listing, and one should not create a separate listing.

How Does Product Listing Impact a Customer’s Decision Journey?

Product listing impacts a customer’s decision journey in many ways, such as,

1. Availability: Availability of two crucial factors are inventory availability and buying box ownership. It does not matter how optimized your keywords or images may be, low or no inventory can hamper the rankings regardless. Owning the buy box enhances the customer satisfaction and reduces the returns. 

2. Findability: To optimize your Amazon listing for findability, ensure that your products are in stock. Focus on organic advertising, ranking of relevant keywords, and enabling easy navigation which enables easy navigation. Assimilate highly searched terms in titles, descriptions, and image alternate texts. This would enhance your chances of better ranking and visibility. 

3. Conversion: Above-the-fold content is pivotal for creating conversion funnel, which includes the title and image list. Employ the best keywords and high-resolution images in the product listing title. Beneath the fold, you can be as creative as you want by providing additional videos, customer reviews which boost the rate of conversion.  

4. Post-Purchase: Customer satisfaction is vital for it goes beyond conversion. Positive reviews means repetition in customers which indicate a successful post-purchase process with good experiences and responsive seller storefront. 


There is a reason why Amazon is the best retail brand in the world currently; people use it more than Google itself for finding products and searches.

And being the best online retailing brand, the site has to be perfect in all senses, whether algorithms or product optimizations. How one portrays a product on Amazon by listing and user reviews impacts the break and makes a sale to an extent. Creating engaging listing pages and displaying the products in an eye-pleasing manner can also build a healthy customer relationship, and they should feel very confident in their purchases.

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