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Amazon AcoS: What It Is And How To Calculate It

As an Amazon seller, being able to accurately calculate and optimize your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) is crucial for running profitable pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. But what exactly is Amazon ACoS and why does this vital ecommerce metric matter so much? In this detailed blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about calculating your Amazon ACoS and provide tips for lowering it to increase your sales.

Defining Amazon ACoS

Amazon Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) indicates how much you are spending on advertising concerning the revenue being generated. Expressed as a percentage, Amazon ACoS is calculated as:

Amazon ACoS = (Total Spend on Amazon Ads / Total Sales from Amazon Ads) x 100

For instance, if you spent $100 on Amazon PPC ads and made $500 in sales from those ads, your Amazon ACoS would be:

($100 ad spend / $500 sales) x 100 = 20% ACoS

The lower your acos on Amazon percentage, the more efficient your PPC campaigns are at converting clicks into profitable sales. As such, closely monitoring and optimizing your Amazon acos is crucial for increasing your return on advertising spend.

Why Understanding Amazon ACoS Matters

Diligently tracking your Amazon acos enables you to accurately determine the profitability of your PPC campaigns. An ACoS of less than your product’s profit margin means your ads are generating more revenue than they cost. This indicates that your advertising efforts are contributing positively to your bottom line.

However, a consistently high Amazon acos over your profit margin means you’re losing money on advertising. This vital e-commerce metric provides clear data-driven guidance on how to tweak bids, targets, keyword selection and budgets to significantly improve campaign efficiency.

In short, thoroughly understanding what is Amazon acos and how to calculate Amazon acos is invaluable for:

  • Evaluating overall PPC campaign performance
  • Pinpointing your highest converting keywords for increased focus
  • Optimizing bids to lower costs on keywords that drive sales
  • Increasing return on advertising spend across your account
  • Accurately determining PPC profitability
  • Maximizing sales volumes across campaigns to boost revenue

By diligently calculating and analyzing your Amazon acos on a granular level, you gain powerful insights into your advertising efficacy and can make smart data-driven decisions to boost your profitability and selling on Amazon.

Tips for Lowering Your Amazon ACoS

Here are some proven best practices advertisers can implement for lowering their Amazon acos percentage while maintaining or increasing sales volumes:

  • Choose Low Competition Long-Tail Keywords: Bidding on high-traffic keywords often seems attractive, but can rapidly inflate your Amazon acos without enough additional conversions to justify the increased spend. Instead, thoroughly research and focus on long-tail, low-competition keywords closely aligned to your target products. The higher relevancy will deliver better conversion rates at a lower cost per click, keeping your Amazon acos in check.
  • Increase Keyword Relevance: Use negative keywords to systematically weed out irrelevant search terms and traffic that is unlikely to convert on your listings. Tightening targeting by eliminating unrelated keywords reduces wasted ad spend and directly lowers your overall Amazon acos.
  • Optimize High-Converting Ad Copy: Compelling ad copy containing strategic keywords naturally attracts more qualified traffic. This increases click-through rates and conversion at a lower cost per acquisition, organically reducing your Amazon acos.
  • Frequently Monitor and Adjust Bids: Leverage Amazon’s robust analytics to identify which keywords are driving conversions and sales for your business. Use auto bidding or manually adjust bids frequently based on granular performance data to reduce costs on proven high-performing keywords. This level of micromanagement will directly decrease your Amazon acos.
  • Improve Landing Page Experience: Optimizing product listings with better copy, titles, images, reviews and enhanced site content increases on-page conversions. This directly translates into more sales at existing spend levels, thus lowering your Amazon AcoS.
  • Promote Highest Selling Products: Consider promoting your absolute best-selling items which already have stellar conversion rates. This maximizes sales volumes from proven winners at a lower Amazon acoS, boosting your overall return on ad spend.

By diligently implementing a combination of these optimization tips, advertisers can gain significant control over their PPC campaigns to boost conversions, lower Amazon AcoS and maximize return on ad spend.

Leveraging Amazon Advertising Services

To skillfully implement these proven strategies for reducing your Amazon AcoS, it helps immensely to leverage the services of professional Amazon advertising consultants. Agency partners like HRTech have specialized teams with the knowledge and experience to provide strategic guidance on calculating Amazon AcoS.

They can use their substantial Amazon AcoS skills to optimize your ad campaigns for peak performance. Services include fine-tuning keyword and negative keyword selection, crafting high-converting ad copy, optimizing landing pages, adjusting bids, and structuring campaigns to promote your highest-selling products.

These experts stay on top of the latest Amazon advertising best practices and have access to proprietary tools, analytical tools and technology to maximize your advertising ROI by lowering your acos on Amazon. Their holistic management of your PPC campaigns can unlock the full potential of Amazon PPC management services for your brand.


In today’s increasingly competitive e-commerce marketplace, getting consistent sales visibility on Amazon while sustaining profitability is a delicate balancing act. As a crucial metric, keeping a close eye on your Amazon AcoS enables smart data-driven decision-making to significantly enhance your PPC performance. With the right optimization strategies and constant improvement, you can consistently decrease your Amazon acoA over time to boost your Amazon sales, traffic, and return on ad spend.

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