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Restaurant and Food industry


There are more than one million dine-in restaurants in the United States. Food and restaurant industry has shown remarkable growth in the past few years. It has annual turnover of more than 800 million US Dollars. It is the fastest growing industry with providing employment for more than 16 million people in USA. Due to easy availability of labor and increase in wage rate, this industry is still amongst the favorite for many and is expected to grow by 14.57% in the next 5 years.

Over the years, technology has become the key ingredient for success in the food service industry. Offering good food is not enough to keep a restaurant in business. Innovations are the key to success for any business type. With the introduction of technologies like bluetooth temperature sensors, virtual kitchen assistant, iPads and tablets instead of traditional menu cards and cash registers, digital inventory tracking, Digital reservation manager etc. it is a lot more difficult for a small restaurant owner to sail through the competition.

Few years back it was easier for any new entrepreneur to establish his business himself, now strategy and marketing plays a vital role to keep your business ongoing. You need to be more proactive and omnipresent to reach more guests, increase your revenue, and deliver a maximum customer satisfaction.

HR Tech will help you deliver the end-to-end restaurant IT solution that you need to set yourself apart. From strategizing your business plan to marketing of your brand and providing all restaurant back office support services everything is managed by our restaurant marketing experts.

Restaurant IT solutions offered by HR Tech

Restaurant Web Development Solutions

To make your restaurant expand you need to have a website. Our team has build many restaurant web applications for both small and big scale restaurant using different frameworks like PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Python and many more. A customized restaurant web application will be build keeping in mind your brand theme and preference. Features like finding nearby restaurant by tracking your location, ordering food using filters like food category, cuisines and many more are build to enhance your user experience.

Restaurant Mobile App Development Solutions

Using website is not possible all the time. More than 60% internet users prefer using mobile apps. Having restaurant mobile applications will engage more users. Our mobile app developers have years of expertise in creating restaurant mobile apps for Android and iOS using frameworks like React Native mobile app, IONIC, etc. We are expert in creating hybrid mobile app using PhoneGap, Sencha, Cordova etc to engage more users and hence generating more revenue. Latest creative technologies like AR is used create augmented reality apps which will enhance your UI/UX experience.

Restaurant Digital Marketing Solutions

To make a business flourish correct marketing strategy has to be followed. We have a dedicated team of digital marketing experts who will work on managing you brand reputation. They will ensure your presence on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc to bring in more users. Perfect market research and a complete analysis of your competitor are done to let you have an edge over them. All the strategies and techniques are strictly focused on increasing ROI and generating more and more sales.

Restaurant Software Solutions

At HR Tech we understand how important it to have easy solution for your work. To lessen your burden HR Tech has brought in best restaurant IT software solution for your business. Software as POS is used which will not only help you with sale but also has additional features like, such as inventory management, CRM, financials, or warehousing etc. You will be notified what order and from which table it is placed.

Restaurant Business Solutions

We understand how important it is to have satisfied customer. At HR Tech, we aim to provide complete end-to-end solutions. Our team will manage your customer reviews and feedbacks. Our restaurant account management team will manage your day to day operations like account management, inventory management, bookkeeping, billing etc. We also have Virtual assistants whom you can hire to lessen your workload.

Benefits of hiring HR Tech

HR Tech is the leading restaurant IT solution provider in USA, delivering services to its client for almost a decade. We have the best team who work in order to bring more business to you. We make sure that what we work is unique to make you stand out from your competitors. A latest technology like AR/VR is used to create best applications to enhance your user experience. Features like chatbots are used to engage more consumers and provide them complete satisfaction.

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