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Amazon Advertising Strategy Guide 2019

Be it a shopaholic or a frugal person, everyone searches for their needs on Amazon. People on Amazon are serious buyers( no window shopping!), which is a good news for all the sellers searching for a central hub for online shopping. If you are selling anything between cosmetics to electronics, your potential customers are already here.

Amazon marketing services offers various features to generate higher revenues and skyrocket your sales. For becoming an Amazon marketing expert, you need to level up your game and brainstorm to create an ‘on point’ Amazon marketing strategy that works for your product.


amazon marketing services

Well, creating a fruitful strategy and becoming an Amazon marketing expert isn’t going to happen overnight. Although, a good start is half the work done, so here are some tips you will be needing to kick-start your strategy

1.Know your goals– First step is being clear in your goals. What  do you want your end result to be?

Do you want to increase the impressions and create brand awareness or you want to boost up your sales?

2.Choosing the right product– Your product must follow all the guidelines that Amazon has. Also, there must be a number of seekers for your product on the site( selling a car won’t work, but car cleaning spray can)

3.Setting the right budget– Choosing the right budget which is competitive and also increases the impressions is an important factor.

4. Effective product pages– So, you have done everything right, and there are a lot of impressions, but not enough sales? It is a clear sign that your product (or store page) is not engaging enough and not impressing people to click on  the buy now option.


There are certain types of ads that you need to know before creating your own campaign.

1.Sponsored Brands– Sponsored Brands increase your brand awareness.  Always choose the highest selling products (or asins) with good reviews to build up trust on your brand. It features your brand logo, a custom headline, and 3 products with a link that heads to your product page or store page( which need to be creative!)


2.Sponsored Products- They are paid ads for product listings on Amazon. They appear on search results pages either on the top, within organic results or on the bottom of the page. It increases the chances of your ads t be seen, and eventually drive sales.

3.Product Targeting– Product display ads are the most competitive type of advertisements. You take a specific product of a different seller, target it, and post your ad on its product page. It can shoot up your sales if you apply a sharp Amazon advertising strategy.


1.Keywords–  A good Amazon advertising expert always spends a good amount of time doing the keyword research. Your Amazon marketing strategy will only work if you have applied correct keywords. Amazon allows you to use 3 types of keywords( manual targeting) or you can auto target to let the site help you with the search terms.

2.Bidding – Specify a daily budget for your campaign according to your product. Remember, it must be competitive, because you are not the only one running ads. If you bid too low, you might fall out on impressions, and if you bid too high, you might spend on too much clicks but get lesser sales. Amazon also has a dynamic bid feature, which helps you to increase or decrease your sales as per the performance of your product.


Amazon has a feature called PPC(like Google and other e-commerce sites), Amazon PPC campaigns allows sellers to only pay for the clicks they get on their ads. Amazon marketing services mostly revolve around PPC(pay per click), so in order to gain huge profits, make sure you make a lucrative campaign.

Amazon advertising experts usually aim at less than 20% ACoS. No ACoS means 0 sales. If you still stand on ‘0’ after a few days of your campaign, it’s high time you change your marketing strategy.

It’s not  necessary that a specific marketing strategy will work on every product you sell.  Do a proper research then apply what works for you .


1.Categorization– Make a campaign with similar products( say no to a pillow in a campaign of towels). It will ease your keyword research, because you know your customer better now.  You can also create ad groups for better targeting and more sales(it helps!)

2.Adding keywords– This step is crucial. Targeting the right keywords will realize your goals, and will definitely result in higher sales. Never make your campaign with only a specific type of keyword( only broad or only exact). Use a combination that works for your product.

3.Negative keywords- This set of keywords can save you from unnecessary spend on clicks by reducing searches from unwanted audience.

4.Use a keyword tool– Use a good keyword tool to choose high search volume keywords that will increase the traffic. Amazon also allows you to look through the previous searches from its advertising reports.

5.Track performance– Always track your product’s performance on a regular basis. Optimize your amazon marketing strategy by either adding negative keywords or positive keywords as per the reports, or you can even change the bid.

 Amazon marketing is a process of trial and error. Use what works for your product. Always remember the bottom rule: LOWER the ACOS, HAPPIER the SELLER!

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